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The author has published three monographs in English on Jean and the Latourrette family in France which are no longer available. This webpage represents the latest information for the Latourrette family history.

Jean Latourrette and Pierre Peiret, Huguenot Refugees: Their Roots in Osse, Bearn, 2006, 102 pages with illustrations.

Pastor Pierre Peiret and Jean Latourrette in America: A Comparative History of French Protestantism in America, 2008, 135 pages with illustrations.

The Latourrette Family of Osse, Béarn, Jean Latourrette and Pierre Peiret: Their Roots in Osse, Béarn (Osse-en-Aspe, France), 2018, 246 pages with pictures and illustrations.

A book in French which updates the second monograph above and focuses exclusively on the early Huguenot experience in New York City is available at: http://www.cepb.eu/Ouvrages/CEPBPublications.html Price 10 Euros.

Le Pasteur Pierre Peiret et Jean Latourrette en Amerique, Centre d’Etude du Protestantisme Béarnaise, Pau, France, 2010, 146 pages with illustrations.