Genealogy of John E. La Tourette (married to Lillie M. Drum)

Latourrette Generations: Osse, Béarn (now Osse-en-Aspe, France) and the USA, 1510-2018

Generation 1: Pierre Latourrette, b. abt. 1510- ?, m. ?

Pierre came to Osse, Béarn from the Barétous Valley, west of the Aspe Valley, in which Osse is located. The name Latourrette is historically associated with the Barétous Valley. For more background about the Latourrette family, see this website and John E. La Tourette, The Latourrette Family of Osse, Béarn, John Latourrette and Pastor Peiret: The Roots in Osse, Béarn (Osse-en-Aspe, France), 2018, 246 pages.

Today: Osse, Béarn is known as Osse-en-Aspe, France, It is in the Department of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and the Region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Latourrette (with two “r’s”) is the original French name for the family in Osse. La Torreta is the earlier Béarnais version. In the US, the name of descendants is found in several forms including Latourrette, Latourette, LaTourette and La Tourette)

2: Gassiot Latourrette, b. abt. 1540-d. April 8, 1595.

(Earliest printed record in Béarnese: Gassioo de La Torreta), b. abt. 1540 in Osse, Béarn. d. April 8, 1595 at the house of his daughter Marie in Oloron, now Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France. Will dated March 31, 1595. Gassiot married Marie Coudures abt. 1568. (Marie b. abt. 1550- d. ?, was likely from Osse.)

Gassioo (Béarnese) or Gassiot (French) pronounced in both cases without the “t” was the first Protestant minister in the Aspe Valley:

Minister of the Word of God, Aspe Valley 1563

Minister of the Word of God, Osse 1564-95

Children: Pierre, b. abt. 1570; Marie, b. abt. 1572; Gratien, b. abt. 1575 (All born in Osse, Béarn. We have only a date of death for Pierre.)

The daughter Marie married Bertrand Davencens, a widower, August 27, 1594, in Oloron with Gassiot as minister and Pierre assisting. With his former father-in-law, Davencens acquired the title of abbé laïque d’Osse in 1605 with associated rights and lands, and the 8th century Maison Forte (strong house) in Osse. With no children from the marriage, Marie likely inherited the title from her deceased husband and passed it on to someone in the Latourrette family at death. Eventually, it came into the hands of David Latourrette (1625-1697) by at least 1660. The wealth of the family was based on owning a grain mill; being notaries of Osse, the keepers of the village records and initiators of all legal transactions (the village lawyers); and having the authority to collect religious taxes as abbé laïque d’Osse (the secular abbot of Osse, charging administrative fees).

The son Pierre Latourrette, abt. 1570- 1655. (b. in Osse, abt. 1570 and likely d. in Castetnau, now Castetnau-Camblong, 1655, where he was a long serving minister, 1601-1653,)

Minister of the Word of God, Castetnau 1601-53 Notarie at Castetnau (Pierre was called a “maitre” or notaire when his father died in 1595.)

Pierre married on March 5, 1601, Marie du Caballe from Villenave- Navarrenx, daughter of nobility. They had several children, including Isaac, who was their universal heir. (From research by Mrs Serres Cambot who writes "I looked up all the registers of the 17th century notaires for the Vallée d'Aspe, Oloron and Navarrenx, which are written in ancient Béarnese. I must let you know that these documents necessitate specific knowledge of the paleography of that language.")

The information that the eldest son of Pierre was Isaac adds additional emphasis that the lineage from Gassiot to David and then to Jean (who came to America in 1687) was likely through Gratien. Earlier genealogists assumed that Pierre was in the lineage from Gassiot to David. Given the information found here that, in addition to living in Castetnau to his death, the eldest son and heir of Pierre was an Isaac appears to confirm Gratien, because he stayed in Osse.

3: Gratien Latourrette, b. abt. 1575 - ?. married?

We have very little information about Gratien because of the destruction of the Osse temple records in 1686 by orders of Louis XIV. Also, there is a gap in the notaire records for Osse until around 1660 when David Latourrette’s records as are found in the Pau archives.

We assume that Gratien remained in Osse, married, and had at least two sons, Eléazar (died 1664) and Jean (died 1674). That places Eléazar as the older and from the information that follows the father of David in the next generation.

4: Eléazar, abt. 1600 –1664, m.?

Eléazar was an ancien (elder) in the Osse temple. There were two brothers, Eléazar and Jean, by the way they are described by David Latourrette in 1683, when he makes up a list of donations to the legacy of the Osse Temple and has Eléazar and Jean leaving exactly the same amounts, likely by a prior agreement. Also in the surviving records, Jean is called Tourret and has an heir named Pierre Tourret in the temple records. Thus, Eléazar is likely David’s father (in the next generation) and his younger brother Jean (called the diminutive Tourret to distinguish the two families in the village) is likely the uncle of David. (In the temple records, as an elder, Jean signed his name as Latourrette, although he was called Tourret to avoid confusion about the two family branches.)

Although the exact line of descent is still open to some question given the destruction of Protestant records in Osse and absence of the records of notaires, it is clear that David is a direct descendant of Gassiot.

5. David Latourrette, abt. 1625-1697 (Osse), m. abt. 1648 Magdelaine or Marquerite (b. ca 1630, d. 1705, both in Osse). David was abbé laïque d’Osse, notaire, and ancien (elder) and the most prominent Protestant in Osse and the Aspe Valley.

Children: Jacob (abt. 1650- bet.1716-24), Jean (1651/1652- July 1726) and Marie (abt 1661 Osse -1731 Bedous)

Osse to New York

Jean Latourrette’s flight from religious persecution to New York from Osse, Béarn with Pastor Pierre Peiret and his family of Osse beginning in September of 1685 is documented in two English monographs by John E. La Tourette and a book in French, Pasteur Pierre Peiret et Jean Latourrette en Amerique, published in April 2010 by the Center for the Study of Béarnaise Protestantism at the University of Pau, France.

6. Jean Latourrette, born Osse, Béarn late 1651 or early 1652; died Fresh Kills, Staten Island, NY, July 1726; m. July 16, 1693, by Pastor Pierre Peiret in L’Église Française du St. Esprit (The French Church of New York), NYC, Marie Mercereau, born Nov. 6 1670, in Moeze (Moise) France. Marie died in Fresh Kills, Staten Island, NY, 1733. (Parents of Marie were Jean Mercereau, b. abt. 1627 and Elizabeth Du Bois, b. 1643. Jean Mercereau died in France and Elizabeth on Staten Island after coming to NYC with her children.)

Children of Jean and Marie Mercereau: Marie (1693), Jean (1695), Pierre (1697), David (1699), Esther (bet. 1700-1704), Susanne (bet. 1702-4), Henry (1708) and James (1710)

7. Pierre Latourrette, b. Nov. 22, 1697, and baptized Nov. 28, 1697 at St Esprit. (Birth was in NYC because move of the family to Staten Island was after 1698). Pierre died before Jan. 22, 1754 on Staten Island and his will was probated in Richmond County 1754. Pierre married in 1725 his cousin Marianne Mercereau, daughter of Daniel Mercereau (his mother’s brother) and Susanne Marie Doucinet. The parents were married in August 1693 in St Esprit. Marianne was born Oct 31, 1699 and baptized Nov. 5, 1699 at St Esprit. Marianne died ?. (This marriage is sometimes confused with that of Pierre’s older brother Jean who marries in the same year, 1725, his cousin Marie Mercereau, daughter of Marie’s other brother Josue or Joshua Mercereau and Marie Chadeayne. These parents were married the same day as Jean Latourrette and Marie Mercereau, July 16, 1693, in St Esprit.)

Children of Pierre Latourrette and Marianne Mersereau: Peter (b. abt. 1726, Fresh Kills, d. 1808, Amwell, NJ); Daniel (baptized, March 3. 1728, d. Oct. 18, 1828, Amwell, NJ); David, twin of David was Jacques or James (both baptized Oct 11, 1730), Marie Susanne (baptized March 24, 1734) and Elizabeth (baptized, April 26, 1736) Baptisms are at the Dutch Reformed Church, Port Richmond, Staten island. Question: Was Peter baptized at the Fresh Kills French Church whose records were destroyed by the British at the time of the Revolution?

The children, except for Jacques (James) and Elizabeth, moved to New Jersey as they reached maturity and settled in the central part of the state. They settled in the area around Amwell, Hunterdon County in the west - central part of New Jersey, but it appears that they were in Middlesex County and certainly around Readington, North Branch and Whitehouse in the eastern part of Hunterdon County as suggested by the many (cited below) Latourrettes buried at the cemetery of the Readington Reformed Church.

8. David Latourette, baptized Oct 11, 1730 at the Dutch Reformed Church, Port Richmond, Staten Island. He was a twin of Jacque or James baptized the same day. He d. aft. 1789 in Readington, NJ. m. abt 1754 Catherine Lane, daughter of Captain Cornelius Lane. Catherine Lane, b. Nov 12, 1734 in Monmouth County, NJ or Readington, NJ. d. after 1838 (at age 104?) There are 104 matches for the surname Lane in the Readington Reformed Church Cemetery with 6 for Cornelius Lane, but no apparent match for Catherine Lane or the father.

Children: Peter, Cornelius (b. Oct 27, 1758, d. Feb 14, 1849), Mary (born July 15, 1759, married a George Williams and died at age 106, Dec 29, 1865 in Whitehouse, NJ), David (b. 1761- d.1836), Hannah (b. 1761, m. Lawrence Lowe), William (b. bet 1754-1765), John (b. abt. 1767 and Catherine(b. bet. 1754-1765). Cornelius is listed in 1840, residing at Readington as a pensioner from the Revolution (age listed was 85 –doesn’t match with ages above as he was 90 at death. Source: Census of Pensioners )

Note: All children born in Port Richmond, Staten Island.

9. Peter Latourette, b. Feb. 13, 1755 in Port Richmond, Staten Island, d. April 1,1836 in Readington, NJ, enlisted Nov. 2,1775 in the American Revolution, m. Margaret Stout Nov. 27, 1777. Margaret Stout, b. Feb. 12, 1758 near Readington, NJ and d. July 20, 1850 in Readington, NJ.

Peter and his wife were Revolutionary pensioners. He was involved in the attack on Canada in November and December of 1775.* (Both are buried at Readington Cemetery with Margaret’s inscription on grave indicating she was 93 – if date of death is correct, she would have been born in 1757.)

Note: There are two grave memorials for Peter Latourette. One is a cenotaph. The latter is likely the one which identifies him as a Revolutionary soldier. (See grave memorials on accompanying section of pictures.)

Margaret appears on list of widows receiving a pension. Source: Pension List of Widows of Revolutionary War Soldiers Living In New Jersey. “Pension List Of Widows Of Revolutionary War Soldiers Living In New Jersey, compiled from the original index in the Bureau of Pensions at Washington, D. C.”

“LA TOURETTE, Peter, Private, Margaret, Dec. 15, 1838” Pension List

* On December 31, 1775, during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83), Patriot forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) and General Richard Montgomery (1738-75) attempted to capture the British-occupied city of Quebec and with it win support for the American cause in Canada. The attack failed, and the effort cost Montgomery his life. The Battle of Quebec was the first major defeat of the Revolutionary War for the Americans. There were heavy losses on the American side, but it appears Peter Latourette returned to New Jersey uninjured.

See (for example):

Invasion of Quebec

Canadian Encyclopedia: American Revolution

Two Peter Latourettes Confused

This Peter was not the Latourette who made raids on Staten Island, captured British officers and a ship stuck in the ice in Raritan Bay off of Perth Amboy. There was another Peter Latourette about the same age who lived in Woodbridge after the war and shot off a canon captured from the ship. He and his family later walked to Vestal, NY and settled there. This other Peter appears to have been a guerilla who never signed an enlistment. I was contacted many times by descendants of the Woodbridge Peter trying to verifying his Revolutionary services to join the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution.

See an example

Five Generations buried at the Readington Reformed Church in Readington, NJ, starting with Peter Latourette, 1755-1836

Reflecting the point made above about Pierre’s children going to New Jersey, Peter is the first of five generations in my genealogical lineage buried at the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ. Next four generations are also buried there.

Children: Cornelius (b. Oct. 27, 1778, d. June 16, 1852); Jane (b. abt. 1781, d. Aug. 10, 1833 from TB and buried age 52 at Readington cemetery--- listed as Jane Latourtte, with “e” missing in cemetery records); Thomas Stout (b. Sept. 22 or 27, 1788, d. Dec. 20, 1886); Elizabeth (b. Sept 3, 1792, d. mar. 22, 1879); Garret (b. Mar. 17, 1798, bapt. May 9, 1798 at Readington Reformed Church and died April 29, 1857, buried at Readington Cemetery.

At least Peter (father), Margaret Stout Latourette (mother), Jane (daughter), Garret (son) and Elizabeth (daughter) who married a Daley are buried at the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ. Elizabeth married a William Daley, 1790-1853.

10. Garret La Tourette, born Mar.17, 1798 died April 29, 1857 Married Hannah Thompson Mar. 19, 1820 (Hannah born Aug. 1, 1802 died Mar. 27, 1838 was the daughter of John and Hannah Van Syckle Thompson). Garret and Hannah are buried at the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ.

Their children were Hannah Maria (d. April 14, 1887 65 yr. 3m.20d., buried at Readington—husband Ezekial Carkhuff d. May 8, 1898 81y. 8m.9d. at Readington), Andrew Thompson (b Dec. 19, 1824, d. July 19, 1875), John, Peter, and Sarah (Moorhead)

Garret, wife Hannah and daughter Hannah Maria are buried at the Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ.

11. Andrew Thompson La Tourette, born Dec. 19, 1824 (or 1823?) died July 19, 1875. (Grave stone at Readington indicates 1824 and 1875) In both cases in Readington, NJ. Married Nov. 1, 1851 Sarah Maria Dalley (b. Aug. 1834 – d. Feb. 21, 1913 daughter of John Y. Dalley and Elizabeth Hall Dalley) Son Peter buried with them at Readington, 1852-1864.

Children: John D.(Dalley(b. Oct. 17, 1854, d. 1929), Peter (b. Sept. 27, 1852, d. 1864 ), Joseph (b. Nov. 11, 1858, m. Nov, 18, 1884 Rosilla Connet(1867-1941), d. 1896 both buried at Readington), George H.(July 26, 1861 buried at Readington), Ida (b. Nov. 10, 1866), Elizabeth Kee (b. 1874, d. 1966, m. Dec. 12, 1891 Peter S. Stryker d.1932, both buried at Readington)

Buried: Andrew Thompson Latourrette, wife Sarah and son Peter buried at Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ. Also Joseph with wife Rosilla Connet, George H. with wife Margaret Sutpnin and Elizabeth Kee Latourette Stryker with husband Peter Stryker.

Elizabeth Kee Latourette Stryker was my father’s aunt who lived to be 92. I remember visiting her in Bound Brook when I was young. A wonderful, gracious lady.

12. John D. (Dalley) La Tourette, born Oct. 17, 1854 in Readington, NJ. Died 1929 in Hillsborough, Somerset, NJ. Married June 22, 1881 Georgiana Rowland (1856-1935)

Children: Alma J.; Charles, and John Crater Alma’s birth is recorded as Dec 1, 1885 in North Branch, NJ and death in NY. Charles birth is Feb. 17, 1890; death Aug. 1968 in Schoharie, NY. John Crater birth recorded as Oct 4, 1891 in North Branch, NJ. Death January 13, 1978 in NJ.

Buried: John Daley and wife Georgiana and John Carter and wife Charlotte Ruth buried at Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ.

13. John C. (Crater) La Tourette, born Oct 4 1891 at North Branch, NJ, died January 13, 1978. m. 1930 Charlotte R. (Ruth) Jones, b. Dec 31, 1898, d. Jan 22, 1962. Charlotte Ruth Jones’ parents were Alfred E. Jones and Emmeline French Jones.

Child: John E. (Ernest) La Tourette

Buried: John C. and Charlotte Ruth buried at Readington Reformed Church, Readington, NJ.

14. John E. La Tourette, born Nov 5, 1932 in Perth Amboy, NJ, m. Aug 10, 1957 Lillie (Lili)M. Drum, born July 9, 1934 in Santa Fe, NM to Silas Newton Drum and Lillie Ola Cowart Drum. (Marriage 1957 at Community Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas.)

Children: Marc A. (Andrew) and Yanique R. (Renee)

15. Marc A. La Tourette, b. Oct. 11, 1964 in Endicott, NY

Yanique R. La Tourette Thorman, b. Oct. 5, 1966 in Buffalo, NY (Married Chris Carr, May 2016)

Graves at Readington Reformed Church Cemetery (by generation)

Memorials for the La Tourette Family in the Readington Reformed Church Cemetery, Readington, NJ

The following pictures are for the genealogical lineage from 1510, Pierre (First Generation) in Osse, Béarn (now Osse-en-Aspe, France) to John E. La Tourette, b. 1932. and his family with spouse Lili M. Drum (The 14th and 15th Generations)

Memorial Stones are for 5 Generations, the 9th (Peter Latourette) to the 13th (John C. La Tourette) Generation

Note: This is one lineage found in the cemetery. There are many other Latourettes buried in the cemetery who are related. The original name in Osse, Béarn, had two r’s as Latourrette, reflecting its origin as La Torreta in the Béarnese language. Also, note the shift back to La Tourette in recent generations which would be similar to the way it was likely written in the 16th and 17th centuries in Osse, Béarn as de la Tourrette with the given name preceding "de", meaning the person was "of" the house of Latourrette.

This is part of the genealogical lineage from 1510, found here on this website.

SOURCE: Readington Reformed Church Cemetery

13. John C. La Tourette and Charlotte Ruth Jones La Tourette

John C. La Tourette and Charlotte Ruth Jones La Tourette

12. John D. La Tourette and Georgiana Rowland Latourette

John D. La Tourette and Georgiana Rowland Latourette

11. Andrew Latourette and Sarah M. Daley Latourette

Andrew Latourette and Sarah M. Daley Latourette

10. Garret Latourette

Garret Latourette

10. Hannah Thompson Latourette(wife of Garret)

Hannah Thompson Latourette


9. Peter Latourette

Peter Latourette1

9. Peter Latourette (This appears to be a later marker, perhaps to recognize his Revolutionary service.)

Peter Latourette identified as Revolutionary War veteran.

9. Margaret Stout Latourette(wife of Peter)

Margaret Stout Latourette