Friends in the Valley

Gilbert et Marc

Madame Gilberte Gaubil and son Marc La Tourette in restaurant in Aydius. Madame Gaubil is President of the Presbyterian Council of the Reformed Church of Osse-en-Aspe-Oloron and member of the Administrative Council of the Center for the Study of Bearnais Protestantism (C.E.P.B)in Pau.


Presenting John La Tourette’s paper about Jean Latourrette and Pastor Pierre Peiret leaving Osse in September 1685 at the 200th Anniversary of the Reconstruction of the Temple Bethel in Osse. On the left standing is Mr. Frederic Pauzat. Behind him is Mr. Louis Moutengou (standing) who played the minister in the pastoral play. Seated (facing camera) is John La Tourette and to the right is Marc La Tourette reading the paper in French.

Victor and Marie

Brother Victor-Antoine d’Avila-Latourrette and Marie Latourrette of Lees-Athas. Brother Victor is from New York and a descendant of Jacob Latourrette (ca 1650- after 1711), brother of Jean Latourrette (ca 1651-52-1726). Marie was one of the last Latourrette’s in the Aspe Valley and died in the fall of 2010. Her son Marc and his wife still live in Lees-Athas.

victor and francis

Brother Victor (right) and Francis Beigbeder in front of the Temple AA Osse Temple in August of 2003. Mr. Beigbeder, who passed away in 2009, was retired and the custodian of the temple. He was also a member of C.E.P.B. in Pau.


Mr. Frederic Pauzat and his family at the Chateau D’Arance in Cette-Eygun for dinner with John and Marc Latourrette. (2005) Originally from Osse, Frederic is related to the Latourrettes and now lives in Paris.


Mr. Yves Lafournere and his wife Eliane from Chateauneuf de Gadagne, France. Mr. Lafournere is related to the Latourrettes of Osse and has an extensive genealogy of the family. Dinner at the Chateau D’Arance (2005).


Mr. Bernard Cazenave-Latourrette and wife Anne-Marie from Pau, France. Bernard’s mother was a Latourrette and his family lived in Accous. He developed an extensive genealogy of the family. Dinner at the Chateau D’Arance (2005).


Jose Latourrette and family- wife Adelaide and son Alexis- from Portugal. Jose branch of the family comes from Borce. Dinner at Chateau D’Arance (2005).


Catherine Perony and Frederic Clouturier of Osse with John and Marc La Tourette at the Chateau D’Arance in October 2010. Catherine is a French Teacher and Frederic is a medical doctor. They live in the Cavendish Maison in Osse.


Frederic Clouturier (see above)


Catherine Perony (see above)


Marc La Tourette and Mr. Louis Moutengou from Osse at celebration after Bethel Ambulatory Play, August 2005. Mr. Moutengou played the role of the Protestant minister.


Marc La Tourette with village men at post play celebration.

lunch lunch2

Friends meet for lunch at the Chateau D’Arance in August 2005 Two Pictures Marc & John La Tourette, Jose & Adelaide Latourrette and Bernard & Anne-Marie Cazenave-Latourrette


Marie Candau (1871-1955) and her younger sister Zulma Candau ( 1887-1975). Marie had an extensive correspondence with Mrs. Verna Jacob in the 1950s and tried to explain where Osse was located and the Latourrette background. She lived in the Cavendish house.