Tales, Fables and Hoaxes

CORRECTIONS ON JEAN LATOURRETTE’S LIFE BEFORE 1693: A series of articles (critiques) are presented below correcting Lyman Latourette’s Latourette Annals in America (1954), Mrs. Verna Jacob’s 1965 Compilation, and attempts by some American descendants in the past 50 years to reinvent the count hoax critiqued below as "Fay’s Count Hoax" from 1843, which appeared in Layman’s Annals. The new hoax is labeled below as the "Post Lyman Hoax." It is so loaded with misrepresentations, manufactured facts and distorted logic that it hardly needs to be rebutted, but there is a group of descendants that wish to cling to a hoax that allows them to claim they are from nobility. The same is true of the fable created more than 150 years ago that the Latourrettes of Osse came from Italy. These descendants have spent their time and energy since Lyman published his Annals running around France looking for castles, coats of arms, and stories about Italy --- looking everywhere in France except Osse, Bearn from where Jean Latourrette left in 1685. If they went to Osse with their tales, fables and hoaxes, as some other descendants have, they would quickly find that they are false. But, then they would they would be forced to tell a different story about their ancestry. In the other sections of this site, the true story of Jean Latourrette, about which they could be proud, has been told.

Ninety-nine percent of what these tales, fables and hoaxes say about Jean Latourrette, up to and including his marriage in 1693, is incorrect. The objective in presenting these critiques is to rid the history of the falsehoods so the true story of Jean Latourrette can be revealed in the other sections found on this web site.

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